Yann Marot

Born in Mayenne (France) in 1974

I have always been attracted by wood and all the creative possibilities it offers. During long studies without any conviction, I have participated in evening sculpture courses. But I came to the lathe and decided to learn the trade of woodturner (with passion, this time). Above all, I have discovered the various aspects of woodturning – traditional, utilitarian production, and creation. I have been directly attracted by this diversity.

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I am a woodturner, a crafstman.
Constantly in search of simplicity, my creative work is marked by tight curves, simple shapes and thin textures. I am listening for the emotion provoked by the simple curves that daily nurture my eyes.

Curve is an emotion

My imagination is full of rope textures, organic shapes, pieces sometimes carved, often turned. My work is speaking about the tree. That’s why I like the distortion of green wood after drying, a sort of second life. I can expect it but I can’t master this movement. It fascinates me.
My hand does the main work, of course, but first comes the tree ... its history and when the sap was still running through its veins.

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